On-Going Projects

Sl.No Client Name Description End User Duration Status
1 Doosan Landscaping and Civil Project Aramco 2 Year Ongoing
2 IHCC Landscaping Project Saudi German Hospital 1 Year Ongoing
3 Doosan Fadali Power Plant Landscaping Project FPCC 1 Year Ongoing
4 Hyundai Engineering & Construction Landscaping PKG12 and PKG6 (TANAJIB GAS PLANT) Aramco 1 Year Ongoing
5 ATPCO Landscaping Project at Al Raka Showroom Al Salimy 1 Year Ongoing
6 HYUNDAI Marjaan Increment Project , Tanajeeb
Project - Landscaping for temporary facility area.

Aramco 1 YEAR Ongoing
7 China Railway Construction Company Landscaping and Hardscaping Project Saudi Investment Company 6 months Ongoing