Why choose Us? We shall continue to be a professionally managed and will be committed to our customers in all area of our operations and thus enrich the brand value of MNS. We shall build the most talented and motivated team in our operations in general contracting and trading and thus addresses ourselves to the booming market and opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We will hold the best business culture in our operations and management and will be an innovative entrepreneurial and motivated team that will consistently create a value relationship around us and also attain the global benchmarks.
The MNS shall nurture the culture of caring, and trust to the customers, partners, agents, other parties of business relationship and to the society by upholding the commitments of cost economics and society. MNS shall explore all possibilities and opportunities of developing our operations in to better platforms by establishing better alliances and combinations of business in the mode of franchises, joint ventures, technical collaborations and outsourcings etc. with an advanced corporate approach.


Why choose Us? Growth in market share in business operations is the primary mission at this current stage.We are renewing and refining our technical skills to have a better bidding competence in petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries and infrastructural projects.Scout for better project opportunities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Improve the customer satisfaction and product quality with the help of improved technological, joint venture and outsourcing methods. The best practises of procurement, logistics, supplies and engineering will be followed in all operations of MNS Consistent improvements and strict monitoring in material handling, job safety and housekeeping in the job site has to be continuously ensured.
Safety norms are very important in the field of general contracting and hence the safety and maintenance of cranes, other heavy and light equipment has to be ensured before operating. Operations at each level have to be strictly evaluated to ensure the budget planning is followed with at most importance.
New recruitment in any job position in our own site or client site has to be done only after proper training at our own yards.The brand image of MNS has to be well maintained and improved in the operational markets and trade circles.